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About me

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My name is Mounir Messelmeni, I’m a Senior Python/Django Developer from Tunisia and living currently in Stuttgart Germany where I moved there since February 2015.

I have been using Python and Django since 2013, and I must admit that I love what I’m currently doing using this awesome tools, I attended DjangoCon Europe 2015 in Cardiff which was a very cool experience for me, specially knowing the community, discussing and seeing many Django contributors.

I also have been a very small Django contributor with some small patches/fixes, I still don’t find a lot find time to do more but I try my best.

I’m trying to post in this blog all the best I can, I believe that the quality of writing and content could be better, but I try every month to find some time on my spare time to write some useful stuff I encountered. And I really know that I’m writing lesser than 10% of what I’m solving on daily basis, but still 5% is better than 0.

You can reach me for any question/suggestion by email

For my full experience and details you can see my CV/Resume.